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Sealevel has unveiled its latest Relio R5200 embedded computer that brings pocket sized power – well, not literally, but you do gain a whole host of I/O features alongside the benefits of solid-state operation sans no fans or other moving parts. Within its chassis lies a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor that can run without a fan as long as the mercury does not go above 45°C. Despite coming with a compact chassis, it does boast expansion slots for one PCI Express X16 and one full-height PCI card, and is capable of supporting up to 4GB RAM, making it the ideal workhorse if you happen to be working in harsh, industrial environments. You can choose to throw in a 2.5” solid-state SATA hard drive, where there is a choice of Microsoft Windows or Windows Embedded operating systems. Of course, those who don’t like the Big M can always settle for Linux, but to take full advantage of the Relio’s design, it would be best to settle for a SSD as it comes without any moving parts. You can pick up the 2GB Relio R5200 for $1,499 – much more expensive than a regular desktop of similar specifications, but do the rest offer you the same ruggedness?

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