Gravity Ruler is a simple way to weigh luggage


For those of you that travel a great deal by way of airplane, you’re constantly dealing with worrying about keeping your luggage lightweight enough.  It’s not going to be too bad on your way from home to somewhere else.  However, when you’re coming back home it always seems like your luggage has gained a bit of weight.  Instead of having to worry whether or not you’re going to be charged outrageous fees, you could keep this very portable scale in your bag and know exactly where you stand.

Then after you’ve weighed things out, you could always make the choice to readjust some things or even have items mailed to your home.  The device is incredibly simplistic, it’s merely a bungee cord that measures the pull of the weight and then lets you know how much the bag weighs.  These were created by some design students.  However, it’s not exactly what you’d call a concept.  They already created a batch of 35 of these and took them to the Travel Trading Fair in Milan.  They managed to actually sell out within an hour.  As successful as their first run went, I imagine we’ll be seeing these in stores at some point.

Source: OhGizmo