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MSI of Taiwan has rolled out a trio of new concepts at the recently concluded CES at Vegas (with a few million square feet of floor space to cover, it can be quite a challenge to check out everything in sight!), where these concepts are touted to help consumers interact with digital information in their homes in a totally new way. We will be taking a look at all three, which are the 3D All-in-One PC, the Sliding Screen All-in-One PC with LED Technology and the Projector PC in the extended post. You should have seen it coming from a mile away with the 3D PC, as everything else has gone 3D this year, it seems.

First of all, the 3D All-in-One PC. This machine is the first 3D All-in-One PC in the world just in case you were wondering whether other computer manufacturers have taken up the task to roll out something equivalent. You will need to wear a pair of wireless 3D glasses while using it though, in order to experience life-like gaming and a 3D HD movie experience right in your home over the machine’s 24″ display. I wonder whether typing out Word documents in 3D makes the mundane office life more interesting.

As for the Sliding Screen All-in-One PC with LED Technology, this concept was inspired by the jellyfish, where the display slides upwards to reveal a hidden keyboard – pretty much like how a standard slider phone works. Of course, in this form factor, you won’t be able to get a thin form factor as it has to be thicker than normal, but on the other hand you do save in terms of desktop space. Apart from that, the second concept comes with a wireless that can be used like a remote control as well an IP-phone.

Last but not least, the Projector PC. This model merges the brilliance of a projector alongside the versatility of a PC, where you get an integrated HD-quality projector that allows you to use it virtually anywhere in the home – as long as there is a decent wall to function as a screen. You are also able to rotate it 90 degrees so that your ceiling doubles up as an alternative movie experience. No idea on when such concepts will ever make it to the market, but they are pretty interesting to look at, that’s for sure.

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