Leather Boots with reversible cleats


Thanks to living in a community where a lot of what I need is very nearby, I do a lot of walking instead of driving.  Now that it’s wintertime I’ve found myself about falling flat on my rear on an extremely regular basis.  However, I don’t like having to change out boots when I want to walk indoors.  Which is where these Reversible Cleats Leather Boots would come in extremely handy.

Sure, they’re not the most hi-tech solution, but even the simplest of devices can make life far easier.  Unfortunately, it appears that these only come in guy sizes, so the ladies are a little out of luck.  That is unless they have feet big enough to fit into a men’s size 7-13.  The boots work just like you would guess, there are two sets of studs that can be flipped to give you a better grip on the ground you’re walking on.  They are lined with wool and have removable felt insoles.  You can purchase a pair for $199.95 through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Source: Crunchgear

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  1. Actually these boots do come in women’s sizes and are available in Canada in The General Store in Dorset Ontario under the name of Gripflipz winter boots! Plus they are entirely Canadian Made!

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