Nyko Wand + and Charge Base Quad IC at CES 2010

Nyko productsI always like reporting on what Nyko has to offer, so I couldn’t wait to see what they had this year at CES. For the Wii, they have two new products: the Wand + and the Charge Base Quad IC.

Of course, the Wand was meant to be a more advanced and user-friendly controller for the Wii, so why not make a sequel? The Wand + has its patented “Full Motion Technology built directly into the controller for full 1:1 movement tracking that is compatible with all games that use the Wii Motion Plus attachment”. The Wand also has Trans-Port technology, that allows “key action buttons to be digitally replicated on other devices and pass sound and vibration signals to attached peripherals”.

Nyko was apparently not satisfied with just making a black version of their popular Charge Base IC, which allows charging of two Wiimotes, but have stepped it up a notch with the Charge Base Quad IC. The Charge Base Quad IC uses induction technology to charge up to four controllers, and these controllers do not have to have their silicone sleeves or Wii Motion Plus attachments removed, either. It also has a dual charge indicator light and powered USB port for powering other USB devices.

You should be able to get both of these devices in March 2010. The Charge Base Quad IC will be available for $49.99, and the Wand + will be for about $39.99.