Phonograph 218 Clock Radio


Usually my tastes for retro gadgets knows no bounds.  However, I think this bit of technology is a bit much even for me.  However, if you like your devices to be incredibly unique, then you’ll love this Phonograph.  If nothing else, it is most definitely unique.  Plus, it appears to have modern conveniences, such as a clock to wake up with every morning.

You also have the bonus that it quite obviously has a lamp built into it, which is probably the most strange part of the device.  It’d look almost normal were it not for that lamp popping out of the top of the clock.  It seems to have a radio as well that goes with it.  Unfortunately the details on the device are somewhat limited.  Besides that it has an output power of 3W and was created in Guangdong, China.  You can go to the product page and contact the creator to find out how to get your hands on one of these.  They don’t actually list the price though.

Source: Gizmodiva