Battery-Powered Heated Lumbar Office Chair


The weather is a whole lot colder for a great deal of us.  If you’re having a hard time staying warm this year, this seat manages to heat things up from underneath of you.  With this you could complete your set of heated items.  It’s not enough to have a heated mouse and keyboard, you have to finish it off with a Heated Lumbar Office Chair.

There are only two different temperature settings, but at least both will keep you nice and warm.  One of the best parts of this office chair is that it’s powered by a rechargeable battery.  That means that while you’re rolling around you won’t have a cord to worry about rolling over.  It comes stuffed with memory foam and is designed to relieve those pressure points.  You can purchase the leather chair for the slightly expensive price of $799.95 from Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: GreenHead