Parrot’s AR.Drone flys high at CES Unveiled

CIMG2216What you see here is not a UFO appearing at CES Unveiled, but Parrot’s new product. Yes, this is Parrot, who has produced some quality digital picture frames, Bluetooth devices, and speakers, but never anything like this. This would be like Logitech making an awesome armored tank.

There was a swarm of cameras around this identified flying object at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas, and it was not hard to see why. What you can’t see is that this quadricopter can be controlled by an iPhone or iPod Touch. You also might not be able to see the front camera shooting at 15 fps at a resolution of 640 x 480 and can stream video to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

The purpose of the AR.Drone is not to simply create a flying vehicle, but Parrot has taken it one step further. Their intention is to make the software open source, so that programmers will be able to create games for the AR.Drone. Just imagine a little augmented reality, and the simple flight becomes a daring mission. These games are intended to be played with other users via Wi-Fi Network.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any word when the AR.Drone will be available, nor a price. I can’t believe that the price will be anything but expensive. I can easily see the AR.Drone sweeping the nation, as it was the coolest thing that I have seen at CES 2010 so far.

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  1. Can’t get replacement parts!!! I bought a AR Parrot Drone at Brookstone but they don’t sell or can’t even order most of the parts you would need to fix a broken drone. You will wait for MONTHS for parts. DO NOT buy one until the manufacturer can provide replacement parts. Lots of fun until it broke!!

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