Samsung releases new range of netbooks


samsung-new-netbooksSamsung is not going to let the opportunity to introduce new netbooks pass by, not when they are trying to press their advantage to reach the summit in that department worldwide. This has prompted the consumer electronics giant to come up with a wide range of netbooks that are sure to captivate your heart (one model at the very least, of course), in the form of the Samsung N210, N220, N150 and NB30. Specially designed to provide maximum personal freedom, the N210 and N220 are capable of functioning for up to 12 hours of secure connected mobility before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet, while the N150 is less energetic with an 8.5 hour battery life. As for the NB30, this model is able to go for 11 hours before zoning out. How did Samsung manage to introduce such impressive battery-powered performance? We believe it has something to do with the use of Intel’s latest Pine Trail Atom N450 processor alongside a more energy efficient LED display and Samsung’s proprietary Enhanced Battery Life solution.

Apart from their superior battery life, the N210, N220, N150 and NB30 also come with a range of display features which will enhance the visual experience, thanks to their new 10.1″ LED anti-reflective display that will fine-tune both movies and images to deliver the sharpest details and boldest colors possible without straining your eyes. In addition, you won’t experience the pesky mirror effect under bright lights or in sunny weather, which goes to say a whole lot. With the use of its integrated Easy Resolution Manager tool, changing the screen resolution to suit the ocassion is a snap, while holding video conferences and calls are easily done thanks to its built-in Digital LiveCam.

Another nice touch that Samsung has included would be its mark and scratch-resistant durable casing which prolongs the aesthetic life of your netbook, perhaps making it easier to sell on eBay or other auction sites once you no longer have any more use for it. You precious data within the hard drive remains safer as well compared to conventional netbooks courtesy of its hard disk drive freefall sensor that will park the hard drive automatically whenever the netbook drops. Interestingly enough, Samsung knows that accidents involving fluids around netbooks are prone to happen, which is why they included a water-tight seal around the system to prevent potential damage from contact with up to 50 cc of spilled water if removed within 10 seconds – best to keep a roll of tissues with you at all times then.

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