Battery-Powered Simply Espresso Machine

by Ally


Those that must have their espresso every single day probably don’t want to rely on going to a coffee shop all of the time.  If that’s the case then perhaps an extremely small espresso machine would do the trick.  This one won’t take up much room on your countertop and could even be stored in your cabinets when it’s not in use.  Then when it is needed you can use it in your kitchen or even at your desk.

This Simply Espresso is said to be the first and smallest battery-powered espresso machine in the world.  Which is pretty believable looking at the device.  It looks slightly smaller than a normal sized thermos.  It’s still big enough to give you your cup of espresso though.  It says it gives great results without you having to invest in expensive machinery.  While I don’t dispute that this may give a great cup of espresso, the machine isn’t exactly what I’d call affordable.  To purchase one of these it would cost you £179.00 or about $289.

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Dave Says: January 3, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Try the Aeropress by Aerobie the dudes that make the flying disc, tenth of the price, no batteries,portable, unbreakable and makes a wicked espresso.

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