Go green with Huntkey 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter


huntkeyGoing green has been the mantra where consumer electronics and transportation are concerned for a fair number of years already, and we have good reason to be worried about the condition of our earth when we pass on – do we make sure that our kids are able to live in a clean environment, or must they wear gas masks with oxygen tanks each time they head outdoors? The choice is ours, and there are many methods that we can take to make sure that apocalyptic scenarios do not occur once we have breathed our last. Apart from taking public transport and making more earth-friendly choices in terms of food, another way would be to use more green electronics. Don’t know where to start? How about taking an inventory of all your appliances at home and see which are the ones that have green alternatives, choosing those models the next time you want to make a purchase. As for computers, Huntkey has a solution in the form of the 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter.

What makes this Huntkey offering so different from the rest? Well, the 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter is able to reach the Energy Star-V standard for starters, where the more output power it has, the higher power consumption laptop it can supply. Take for example a 15″ (or greater) laptop display screen with an independent graphics card – it will probably require such an adapter. Apart from that, the Huntkey 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter is also more than capable of meeting people’s needs where high efficiency is concerned, as it can hit up to 87% of power efficiency to place it at the highest level of power efficiency of any Energy Star Specification. In layman’s terms, the higher the efficiency, the more consumers are able to save on their monthly power bills.

Don’t worry about the Huntkey 90W Energy Star Universal Notebook Adapter being limited in use to certain countries only – it functions worldwide by supporting input in the range of 100-240Vac at 50-60 Hz, alongside an output voltage of 19V DC, at 0.47A max. Each purchase comes with ten different tips that cater to a variety of laptop brands including HP, DELL, Lenovo, Asus, Thinkpad, Acer, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Gateway, Panasonic, Sharp and Fujitsu among others. You will also be glad to know it comes with a two-year warranty and a free carrying bag for added convenience.

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