Tootsie Pop Candy Buds Headphones


Earbuds seem to be getting more and more interesting lately.  You can find anything from wooden ones to the more strange types that make things seem to appear on one side of your head and continue to the other.   Well now you can even get a pair branded with your favorite type of candy.  These specifically go with the classic Tootsie Pop logo on the side.  It’s better suited for those that like unique electronics that don’t take things too over the top.

These headphones are pretty basic and thankfully affordable to top it off.  They come with an extra long cord and 95db sensitivity.  They also have 160 Ohm impedence and  20-20,000Hz frequency.  They even come in a container that resembles an oversized Tic Tac container.  You can purchase these bright red Candy Buds Headphones for all of $10 through Urban Outfitters.