Peanut Memory Stick Holder

by Ally


Even hearing about a memory stick holder, most people would instantly write it off as ridiculous.  At first, I would have agreed.  However, there are several cases where it could make life a little more convenient.  A lot of USB drives have a way to hang onto them through their lid.  If you lose that lid though, you lose the ability to carry it on your keys.  This holder would allow for you to store your USB drive on your keychain and keep it safe.

It’s just a small peanut shaped holder that conceals your drive within it.  Really, I think it’s better than a lot of the drives that comes with the keychain attached to either the drive itself or the lid.  Either option comes with complications.  This way you can solve both issues by storing it in a neoprene case (that’s the stuff they make wetsuits out of).  You can purchase one of these cases for $6.99 through Pop Deluxe.

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