Samsung Galaxy Tab announced for US Cellular

Fancy picking up a tablet device? Actually, the Apple iPad has been doing gangbusters sales for the longest time already ever since it was released, and so far there hasn’t been any real competition to this device that can challenge its lofty position. Well, not until now – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab might have a smaller screen size at 7-inches, but it certainly isn’t any slouch when it comes to performance, running on the iOS’ rival platform – we’re talking about the Google Android operating system.

Most recently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was released by US Cellular, where it is capable of delivering a premium mobile entertainment experience on the go, without getting bogged down by a bulky device. After all, it tips the scales at just 13 ounces while measuring 12 millimeters thin. The Galaxy Tab will be able to fit in nicely into a pocket or purse, so both genders will be able to carry one without growing extra muscles overnight.

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Wasted LED watch from Tokyoflash

Telling the time used to be something that’s pleasant and easy to do – all you needed was a quick glance at your wrist and you’re good to go. The folks over at Tokyoflash have certainly gone out of their way to complicate things as much as possible, and one of the results would be the Wasted LED watch. Also known as the Kisai Wasted, it will come in two color styles – black and white. Wasted boasts a streamlined plastic case and strap finished in gloss with matte detail.

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Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable – What’s old, is new again

Boy this really got me thinking, mostly about the four boxes of records I have down in the basement. Geez, it even sounds weird to say “records” these days. Every Fall I promise myself while I’m stuck inside over the Winter I will transfer my records to CD, so I can finally listen to them again.

Well, dust of the 45’s.. It’s time to party!

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Garmin introduces Approach S1 GPS wristwatch

Most folks who play golf are pretty well off, or at least middle class at worst. Well, this means they have a pretty secure and cushy job, coupled with timeshare vacations elsewhere, own a couple of properties with the mortgage fully paid off perhaps, and drive a convertible sports car with an upmarket saloon for more ordinary errands.

This would also mean their choice of attire will be branded for most, not to mention having a pretty nice wristwatch with metal straps. Who would have thought that one would wear a GPS wristwatch instead? Garmin’s Approach S1 GPS wristwatch is meant for those who love spending time on the greens, as it is capable of displaying precise yardages to the front, back and middle of greens while boasting more than 14,000-plus courses pre-loaded.

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KTM Strider PREbike targets toddlers

It is safe to assume that many dads out there would wish their sons (and even daughters) share their passion, regardless of whether it is fishing or something more extreme like motorcycles and tackling various dirt tracks. Well, come this Christmas, families who are motorcycle enthusiasts are able to share their passion with their toddlers thanks to the new ready to ride KTM Strider PREbike.

Just what is the KTM Strider PREbike? Well, this is a revolutionary pedal-free bike which was specially designed for children from as young as 18 months. Yup, you read that right – little Suzy or Johnny doesn’t even need to be 2 years old in order to hop atop one of these puppies. The KTM Strider PREbike is unlike outmoded tricycles and training-wheels, as it was designed for safe use on dirt and every other terrain – at the same time building up the skills and self-confidence in young kids for them to quickly transition to a pedal bike and a Sportminicycle.

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The Transparent hole-puncher

Disclaimer: There are probably a lot cooler gadgets to report on rather than this. After all, we’ve got robots that look and sound human, for crying out loud! Not to mention all the cool consumer electronics that get released on a daily basis.

So why should I consider writing about a three-hole punch made of transparent plastic? Because we flippin’ need one, that’s why!

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