DIY Pinball Coffee Table

Now this is a DIY project worth investing your time in.  Coffee tables are typically dull, but are very useful as a place to hold your beverages as well as use as footrest from time to time.  What if you could have the best of both worlds?  Instead of having the usual dull coffee table, make yourself a pinball machine stashed inside of a coffee table.  Never again will you be stuck watching commercials with that bored expression on your face, now you can pass the time with a few rounds of pinball.

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Photo Album Story Teller

Usually I write down the history of a photo as I put it in an album.  That way if I forget or someone else seeing the album wants to know, it’s easy for them to glance at it and know.  However, if you’re just not big on writing or would prefer to leave your voice behind instead, this Photo Album Story Teller will let you record the story behind each and every picture.

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Boomcases utilize old suitcases

Although Big Thumpy sounds like a 7 year old’s pet rabit, it’s actually a pretty cool set of speakers.  These BoomCases are made to be incredibly portable, so if you plan to have parties in random places this device would be nice to have around.  Plus, you’ll look incredibly cool carrying this around in public.  Just try to keep a firm hold on it so no one takes off with it.

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Yes, this is a building with a cloud in it

What you are seeing here is not the result of a fog machine, but there is an actual cloud in this building.

This was an idea from architect Testuo Kondo, and he got a company called Transsolar to create the actual cloud within the building. The cloud is created with three layers of air pumped at different humidity levels and temperature points, and then used in machines in order to create this cloud that floats in the midst of all this space.

I have a video of it after the jump, but be warned, it is not in English. Not only does it take technology to make this cloud, but it requires tech to keep it in its position, which is “just about a meter above the head of the visitors”.

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Sunpentown Giddyup Core Exerciser

Those core muscles are important to keep tight, but they can be tricky to keep in shape.  Thankfully there are workout machines that only require you to sit there and enjoy the ride.  No more do you actually have to work at your body, just sit on a machine and let it do the work for you.  Now if only your diet could be decied by some electronic device and keep you from messing things up when you get a little bit of a sweet tooth.

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HP TouchSmart310 PC introduced to the masses

Touchscreens have gotten more and more popular by the day, and we are not surprised at all. The Apple iPhone really kicked things off where multitouch is concerned, and never had the world really considered touchscreens as a mode of input on a mass scale prior to Apple showing the way that it is not only possible, but perhaps, better than a QWERTY keyboard. The HP TouchSmart310 PC, being the latest model from the world’s largest computer manufacturer, will naturally come pre-loaded with the most advanced version of the company’s exclusive TouchSmart software to date. It not only offers a basic computing solution to homes, it will also double up as an anchor of one’s digital lifestyle. The HP TouchSmart310 PC will also come with the HP TouchSmart Apps Center which delivers one-touch access to free and subscription-based applications.

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