Sonamba in-home monitoring system aims to encourage independent living

Growing old is not for sissies, or so I heard. After all, growing old is somewhat like going back to the womb as you have a whole lot of issues to grapple with, including losing your hearing (and mind for others), misplacing your keys and other essential items, not being able to remember names even with familiar faces, and even forgetting why you’ve just entered a particular room. Fret not seniors – you can now extend your independent living while keeping your caregivers informed and connected, courtesy of the new and revolutionary wellbeing monitor known as Sonamba.

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GoPro announces HD HERO 960 camera

Are you one who gets involved in plenty of hardcore and extreme sports? If so, getting a recording from your point of view isn’t something that’s easily achievable with just about any other digital camera or camcorder, and this is where the GoPro HD HERO 960 camera comes in handy. This will be an entry level model retailing for $179 a pop, where it will share some similarities to the award winning HD HERO camera. The HD HERO 960 will come with a similar professional image and sound quality which can be found on the original HD HERO camera, which incidentally has been the choice for more athletes and filmmakers than any other sports camera in the world.

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Your next Wi-Fi signal provider: Flying robots

I’m sure that many of you have had the problem of losing a Wi-Fi signal for your laptop. Instead of using the access point at your local library or coffee shop, have you considered flying robots?

This is SMAVNET (Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network), a project from Swiss-based lab EPFL, and I have included a video of their progress after the jump so you can see how it works. The robots themselves are these boomerang shaped miniature planes that have to be thrown to be launched. The user then monitors their formation, and they will form an ad hoc network.

I am assuming that they work by having one robot bouncing a stable Wi-Fi signal to the other, until you finally have five bars of signal quality.

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This robot can do a curved balance beam

Is it just me, or should I just get over the fact that technology has created machines that have mastered the art of perfect balance?

After all, we have Segways that can stand on two wheels, so why not things that can balance on one wheel. Well, we have reported on many machines that can do that. This particular robot is going to be added to the list.

This unicycling robot by Japanese company Murata can not only pedal its way across a straight balance beam, but a curved one as well. You can watch the video of it after the jump if you don’t believe me.

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One of the biggest obstacles in online clothes shopping is not knowing if the clothes that you order fit. Even worse is when you buy the clothes and find out they don’t go well with your body shape.

This is why, an Estonian company, has created this robot mannequin. Those sections are designed to shift around to match body measurements such as height, chest, arm length, and torso.

When customers see a shirt that they want to try on, they can input their measurements and see what it looks like before they buy it. I am assuming that Fits.Me has to take many pictures of the particular item in the adjusting mannequin. That, or they have a 3D program that works out those details.

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NYC gets snazzy new taxi toppers

That triangle on the top of a taxi hasn’t changed much in recent years.  They’re handy for broadcasting whether or not the Taxi is on duty, but not for much more than that.  Instead of having a taxi with the ugly plastic box on top they could have this far more attractive metal box that is packed full of LED lights.  It’ll allow for companies to advertise on Taxi cabs, plus this little box makes your iPhone run a whole lot better while you’re in the cab.

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Solar Window Light

I usually keep a flashlight near the backdoor of my house, so it’s handy if I need it, but this Solar Window Light would be just as useful.  Instead of grabbing a normal flashlight when you need a little illumination, you could pull this light off of the window.  After hanging out on the window all day long it’ll have plenty of juice to keep you from tripping over random tufts of grass in your backyard.

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