Ionic Clean: Use that de-ionized water for cleaning

I had a chance to try out the Ionic Clean by Homeright this weekend. This cleaning system uses de-ionizing technology, which can turn ordinary water into a more purified form for cleaning.

It comes in that airtank thing that you see here, and it comes with an attachment for your hose. When you turn the water on, you have the option of the de-ionizing (DI) water. Think of it as a soap, but not quite as potent as real soap.

You should feel free to add soap to get rid of the real spotted areas on your car, without streaks and no drying required. After you have used the DI water, you can switch to the “rinse” function for some plain and ordinary water on whatever it is that you are washing.

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Swing Beginner Concept Car

This is the Swing Beginner concept car. As you can see, even the artistic model is impressed.

The Swing Beginner car concept is like nothing that I’ve seen in a car as it relies not on a wheel to steer, but the driver’s leaning.

Yes, the driver must lean to go in a certain direction. You might just wonder what the heck this is good for, but as you can see from the diagrams on the photo, it can do some interesting turning.

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Smart Fridge knows how much food is in the fridge, and can make a recipe for it

For those of you who can’t figure out what to make for dinner might really like this smart fridge designed by Ashley Legg.

This smart fridge knows what is in your refrigerator, and it can figure out from the food within what recipe you can make. It will then display this recipe on a touchscreen panel mounted in the door.

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Diddybeats headphones now available in various colors

Monster and Beats by Dr. Dre have come together to bring the Diddybeats pair of headphones Stateside, where it will come in a trio of colors, where they are black, white and pink. Available exclusively at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores, each pair will retail for a pretty pricey $179.95 (relatively speaking, of course) compared to other regular headphones, but you can be sure that with such names behind the hardware, your portable music listening experience will be much better off. Needless to say, this is the latest addition to the hugely popular Beats by Dr. Dre headphone family from Monster, and from the name itself, you can tell that Diddybeats were created in conjunction with music entrepreneur and fashion icon Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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Skype enables iPhone owners to make 3G calls

Skype has finally brought to life a feature that many iPhone owners had wished for for a long,long time already – we’re talking about the iPhone being able to make 3G calls. Yes, this new version of its application is available from the Apple App Store, where it enables iPhone users to make as well as receive Skype-to-Skype calls, not to mention to call mobiles and landlines worldwide without breaking the bank using nothing but their 3G data connection. Of course, a lot of the call quality depends on your signal strength as well as the amount of network congestion, but I’m sure that most of us won’t mind sacrificing a little bit of quality to save a whole lot of dollars, right?

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Music For Deaf People Collar

The first time I learned Beethoven had a bit of a hearing problem, I was baffled as to how he managed to go on with his music career.  It’s been said that he listened through vibrations in the floor to discover different things like to find out if the audience really liked his work.  Using vibrations to “hear” isn’t an entirely uncommon concept for anyone who is deaf, which does still make this concept a little odd.  Then again, it’s not exactly far fetched either.  This collar is meant to give music to the deaf by using those vibrations to trigger the right area of the brain, allowing them to listen.

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Coolest Sculptures EVER, Kinetic Powered By the Wind

walking sculptures

The creativity of people at times simply amazes me and Theo Jansen is one such person. He combines art and engineering to create light weight but giant wind powered creatures described as “Kinetic Sculptures, where nature meets technology”. The picture above does not do them justice, follow the jump to see the sculptures in motion, simply amazing.

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