Folderix Flash Drives shaped like folders


Those poor yellow folders don’t seem to get nearly as much use now that you can do a great deal of your paperwork on the computer.  Sure, paper copies of things are still helpful, but those folders will never be used as much as before.  If you’re feeling a little sentimental and want to show that you remember the paper folder, now you can have a flash drive that’s shaped like one.

Alright, so it was actually designed to look like the folders within your computer.  Which means for those of you that like to take your computer interactions a little more literal, this would work great.  Then when you say you need to put something in the folder, it’s going into an actual folder shaped drive.  It’s available in 3 different colors, the gold/yellow color, blue and purple.  These drives designed by Art Lebedev can hold 4GB of data and will cost you $55 a piece.

Source: Newlaunches