The Human-Powered Light Bulb

by Ally


Teaching your children about technology is always fun.  Especially since a lot of the time you end up learning things you didn’t know either.  Well this is one way to teach your kids about the possibility of having human powered electronics.  It demonstrates that power and in a much more interesting way than just reading about it in a book.  With this they can make the bulb shine brightly all with their own static electricity.

Just drag your feet across the carpet as you hold onto one of the wires of the bulb.  Then you can see it glow.  If you do it in a fully dark room it’d be easier to see the small bulb light up.  Your body’s static electricity can reach more than 10,000 volts, which makes it possible to light up this neon bulb.  To purchase the bulb it’ll only cost you $4.95,  making it an affordable demonstration of static electricity.

Source: RGS

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