Eurotech unveils Catalyst LP


catalystEurotech is one of the leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, and the company has just announced the launch of Catalyst LP, which in essence is a compact, low-power embedded system that is powered by the latest Intel Atom processors N450 (Pine Trail), D410 and D510. This is one of the newer products from the highly popular Eurotech Catalyst family of computer on modules, where one will be able to eke out high-performance graphics for applications that require high-end 2-D and 3-D visualization with high-resolution graphics capabilities, where among them include digital signage. Apart from that, high bandwidth I/O capability such as PCIe, and data storage interfaces like SATA place the Catalyst LP under the enviable position of being ideal for applications that require extensive data retrieval and processing, especially for those involved under the industrial, medical, gaming and human-machine interface umbrellas.

At first glance, most of us would probably be surprised at the relatively small size of the Catalyst LP system which comes with a compact 67x100mm form factor, where it is capable of leveraging the full price/performance benefits of the Intel Atom processor-based platform. Since it boasts a common footprint, the Catalyst LP system can be scaled easily, enabling existing Catalyst Module customers to migrate to the new Intel Atom processors N450, D410, or D510 without breaking a sweat. Some of the other features available on Eurotech’s Catalyst LP include :-

  • Low-power design with Eurotech microcontroller-based power management system
  • Scalablility to leverage the range of Intel Atom processor performance capabilities in I/O and 2-D and 3-D graphics
  • Flexibility in allowing migration to Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology and multicore technology (with the dual-core Intel Atom processor D510) while maintaining the small 67 x 100 form factor of the Eurotech Catalyst family
  • Operating system support for Windows CE, Windows Embedded Standard and Wind River Linux 3.0
  • Easy application development with Eurotech’s optional Everyware Software Framework based on the Java Virtual Machine

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