Portable Anti-Spy Cam Scanner for the highly suspicious

by Ally


You’ve probably seen all types of spy cameras by now.  Well now there’s a device for those of you that are paranoid that someone is keeping an electronic eye pointed directly at you.  Just pull out this not so subtle device and you’ll know for sure.  Of course with this big bulky thing, they’ll also know that you know.  At least you’ll finally know the dreaded truth though.  You’ll either find that you are being watched or that you’re just an incredibly paranoid human being.

The detector is portable, despite that it is a pretty bulky portable device.  It has a 2.3” color display, auto scan as well as manual scan and can run for 3-5 hours.  It has a couple different ways to keep it powered, you can either use the 4 AA batteries or just plug it into the wall with the Universal AC adaptor.  It also has a 2 piece antenna, a set of earphones and a 3.5 jack.  You can purchase the Portable Anti-Spy Cam Scanner for $333 from Gadget Brando.

Source: GeekAlerts

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