Keystone Eco Tag Solar Charger

by Ally


There are all types of solar chargers out there these days.  This one is meant for those of you that are constantly traveling, but it would still work just fine for those that don’t travel at all.  This solar charger actually doubles as a luggage tag, which is why it might be better suited for those that travel.  Of course, you’ll have to find a way to make sure your luggage gets a bit more sunlight than it would normally receive.  Otherwise, this isn’t going to work the greatest.

You can either leave it in the sun to make sure it receives the charge it needs, or you could plug it into your USB port and charge it much faster that way.  It’s capable of charging 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.  It’s a great way to make sure that your smaller electronics keep a charge while you’re on the go.  As of now the luggage tag isn’t out just yet, it’ll be released in February.  At that time you can expect for it to cost you $35 a piece.

Source: Ubergizmo

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