Gravida’s Nurse Prenatal Education Device


Becoming a parent is no mean feat, and you don’t magically function as a good parent the moment your little one pops out and breathes his/her first through the mucus after leaving the security of the womb for the past nine months. Why not get yourself educated the right way, and instead of looking to the Internet as the source of all knowledge and information, there are other viable alternatives around like the Gravida’s Nurse Prenatal Education Device. Featuring a wide touchscreen display, a memory card slot and USB connectivity, all you need to do is insert relevant memory cards and other educational parental titles on a USB drive, and watch those lessons while paying close attention so that you know better on how to care for your newborn (and yourself throughout the pregnancy, of course). Not too sure where we’re supposed to get these lessons on memory cards from though. The Gravida’s Nurse Prenatal Education Device is going for $22.69 a pop.