TearDrop iPod Water Resistant Bathroom Speaker


There are several different types of speakers that will work for your bathroom.  No matter what your tastes or preferences, it won’t be hard for you to find that perfect fit for you.  These cute speakers will keep your iPod safe, all the while giving a cute and quirky shape to your music.  The water droplets will make sure your music can go with you even into the most damp conditions.

I wouldn’t exactly dunk these under the water in your bathtub.  However, they are water resistant, so you could hang one in your shower.  Just put your iPod within the water drop and it’ll allow for your music to play while it’s out of harm’s way.  It stays powered by using a set of batteries.  It’s compatible with the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and various other MP3 players.  It also has an earphone jack.  You can purchase the speaker for $58 in pink, blue or white.