ZAGG offers ZAGGsparq


zaggsparqWhen it comes to iPhone and iPod accessories, ZAGG is one name that many people are familiar with, especially with the popular invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGaudio brands, but this time round they are offering something slightly different. It won’t protect your iPhone or iPod against knocks, drops and scratches, but it does something which most gadget-toting folks would appreciate – by virtue of it being ZAGGsparq, a portable lithium polymer battery system that can provide multiple charges for any personal electronic device as long as they are powered by a USB plug.

As many frequent travelers can testify, you tend to run out of juice for your gadgets during the most inopportune of moments, especially when you just need to make that particular phone call only to have your phone die on you before the third ring is over. As mentioned earlier, the ZAGGsparq is able to provide a portable battery charge for any USB-charged device, where it includes cellphones, handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP and digital cameras among others. You can hook up the ZAGGsparq into a standard wall outlet, where you get a couple of USB 2.0 ports to go along with it to charge up two mobile devices simultaneously. Acording to ZAGG, the ZAGGsparq’s internal battery is more than capable of holding up to four complete recharges for your regular Apple iPhone.

The 6000ma lithium polymer cell found in each ZAGGsparq is able to be charged over 2,000 times before one experiences a significant drop-off in battery life, and by that virtue, the ZAGGsparq is one of the world’s most powerful portable battery – size-wise, at least. Assuming you juice it up once every three days, that ought to last you for around 6 years, where by then you probably won’t have any use for it anymore as you would have probably come across other more power-efficient solutions. You will be able to place your order for the ZAGGsparq for $129.99 a pop if you don’t happen to have the habit of charging your gadgets each night before you go to sleep.

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