Ice Cream Lamp keeps sweets on the brain

by Ally


I’m fairly sure that most of the Christmas season is directly centered around food.  I’m sure there are other things, but sweets are a big part of the holiday.  Be it plates heaping with fudge, sugar cookies or candy canes.  There are always plenty of sweets around.  Although an ice cream cone isn’t a traditional Christmas treat, it still fits in the sweets category.  Now you could have a light up fake ice cream cone to keep that sweets theme going year round.  It’s like it being the Christmas season all the time.

This lamp features a giant ice cream cone, to be specific, this ice cream cone is over 2 feet tall.  I don’t advise attempting to eat a real live 2 foot tall ice cream cone in honor of your new lamp though.  I’m pretty sure that’d put you in a permanent state of brain freeze.  The lamp comes with a bulb and plugs into the wall like every other normal lamp.  You can purchase it for $48 from Fred Flare.

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