Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager

by Ally


Back pain is a common complaint, whether you’re getting up there in years or still only in your late 20s, it just happens.  Some people are against going to a chiropractor every time they have a back ache.  Instead of visiting doctors constantly, you could give this Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager a try.  It’s said that it’ll help align your spine and relieve that discomfort and pressure.

It works by gently lifting your tailbone and flexing the spine.  You use it for 12 minutes in the morning and for the same amount of time at night.  It’s a way to relieve your pain without some of the more forceful methods like massages and chiropractors.  The device costs $199.95 from Brookstone.  At that price I’d be more likely to stick to a few stretches in the morning instead, but if stretches aren’t working anymore it’s a different way to go.

Source: Ubergizmo

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