Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB LP-to-Digital Turntable System



Most young people these days already own a portable media player or digital audio player of sorts, and many of them grew up weaned on an iPod, moving on with each new iteration that Cupertino releases each year or so. Well, we’re not quite sure whether they have heard of a turntable before, and what are their impressions of it, but just in case some of you think that turntables belong to just DJ decks at night clubs, you’re dead wrong. These were the iPods of your grandad’s day, albeit being in a non-portable form, and you had to purchase your music from a brick and mortar store that come in the form of a vinyl record. Merge the old and the new and what do you get? The Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB LP-to-Digital Turntable System, in which we’ll scrutinize closer later on.

This is a complete USB turntable and software package which makes it a snap to enjoy listening to records, and not only that, it helps preserve the warmth of such records to to digital media files in order for you to enjoy a portable listening experience while you are on the go with a portable media player of your choice. This device comes with a turntable and phono cartridge, PC- and Mac-compatible software, a USB cable that connects the turntable to a computer directly, an integrated phono preamp and other accessories. You will be able to choose from 33-1/3 and 45 RPM speeds, where its heavy-duty cast aluminum platter, high-quality Dual Magnet stereo cartridge with replaceable stylus, and a pickup arm with soft damping control helps offer unprecedented audio quality with vinyl records. Thanks to the included USB cable which allows plug-and-play connection to a computer as well as its built-in phono preamp, you are able to hook up to a wide variety of home entertainment systems, powered speakers, and to A/V receivers that do not include a phono input. Other accessories included with the AT-LP60-USB are RCA output cables and 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cables and a dustcover.

Software-wise, you get PC- and Mac-compatible Audacity that converts the audio on a record to digital audio files. You can’t get this in time for Christmas though, since it will only hit the market next month onwards for $229, making it a decent candidate for those looking for an early Father’s Day gift.

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