Insignia Dual Alarm Clock Radio with built-in photo display


For an alarm clock to have a built-in radio is nowhere near something new.  It’s actually probably one of the most common combinations out there.  However, this clock radio takes things a step further and allows for you to personalize your alarm clock.  It has a photo display to make sure that you stay close to your family, even while you’re away traveling.

The screen isn’t too bad of a size to display your pictures on, but it’s not exactly a big screen.  The photo screen measures 3.5” and has a pixel resolution of 320 x 240, as well as has a 4:3 aspect ratio.  You can store your pictures on the 128MB of internal memory.  It also has a built-in digital media card reader.  The digital FM tuner allows for 20 stations to be preset.  Since it does have a radio, you can choose to wake up by the radio or the buzzer.  To purchase the clock it’ll cost you $49.99.

Source: ChipChick