Brightkite releases augmented reality advertising solution


brightkiteBrightkite, the Social Discovery Network, recently rolled out the first national augmented reality advertising solution. Users of Brightkite have gained the ability to access its augmented reality (AR) service since August earlier this year courtesy of the company’s partnership with Layar. Up till now, the service’s users can also check out their friends’ posts and photos at places around them. Now, with the rolling out of a new local advertising solution, those very same users are also able to check out tantalizing, special offers available in nearby stores to further tempt them to part with their money.

The Brightkite service enables users to look at the world around them via their phone’s camera, checking out real-time digital information on top of real-world locations. As the camera is pointed at different directions, the graphics will alter to accommodate various lens’ movements, as you check out your friends’ Brightkite data revealed around them. Imagine the possibilities of forging new partnerships with retailers, bars, restaurants and other businesses to enable Brightkite users to check out what those outlets are offering regardless of where they are.

According to Brightkite, “this initiative pioneers the latest in advertising – combining mobile phones, location awareness and augmented reality. This is truly a groundbreaking media campaign about which we, as well as our users, are very excited.” We’ll see about that though – just when you thought that the advertising industry is running out of ideas to entice potential shoppers, along comes this interesting and useful method. Guess mobile advertising has gotten yet another boost in such a form, but it will take some time before it rolls out worldwide as this does not seem to be as effective in emerging markets at the moment, so only developed countries with the relevant infrastructure will be able to support such a model. Take note though – this AR campaign is running on the Brightkite service till the end of this year, where it is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

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Advertising Says: December 23, 2009 at 6:59 am

great job,
keep it up

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