The Setgo Transport Urban Bag

by Ally


It seems like the more gadgets I acquire, the more I forget how to live without them for a few hours.  Which means I’m carrying around more than my poor pockets can handle.  Being female I could easily just carry a purse and stash them within the purse.  However, that doesn’t help the guys or the women that for some reason can’t or dislike carrying a purse.  Well this Setgo Transport Urban Bag has enough pockets that it’ll easily accommodate all of your small gadgets.

The front of it has an inside zip-up pocket, an inside slide in metro card and two quick access pockets for your cellphone or MP3 player.  The back has an external pocket, a large main zip-up pocket and three internal pockets.  It’s made out of durable materials that’ll ensure it doesn’t fall apart too quickly with all those gadgets stashed within it.  Of course, technically it isn’t a bag, but as long as it keeps things in place I’m sure most people are willing to overlook that part.  You can purchase the bag for $79.  For those on a budget, there’s always this route too.

Source: ChipChick

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