USB Portable Media Speaker with WebCam


Sometimes I wonder how people decide which gadgets to combine to create one big mega gadget.  Is it just a roll of the dice?  Do they actually think about it like we, the consumers, hope?  I’d like to say the second one, but sometimes I really do have my doubts.  One device that makes me wonder is this USB Portable Mediea Speaker with a built-in webcam.  I’m not saying having a webcam attached to your portable speakers couldn’t be useful on occasion.   Is it enough to justify the gadget though?

The webcam folds down while it’s in transit and can be popped open when you’d like to use it again.  In addition to the webcam and speakers, it also has a built-in microphone.  It also has a USB mini cable, an external battery pack, remote control, power adapter, a USB extension cable and a computer connection cable.  It comes in two different color combinations, one is all black and the other is mostly black but the speakers are framed in orange.  You can purchase the speakers for $53.99 from GizFever.

Source: GeekAlerts