KOR-fx puts the sound on your chest

by Mark R

afshar-korfx-277x300We’ve reported on gaming peripherals like the 3rd Space Vest before, which allow the player to really “feel” the hits of their player characters right in the chest.

A one-man company called Immerz has created a similar device known as the KOR-fx that lets a user feel the game, without the clothing. As you can see from the picture, it rests right near the user’s shoulders.

Immerz’s president and physicist Shahriar S. Afshar has invented acousto-haptic technology after three years of privately funded research. Not only can the user feel their game, but they can feel movies, television, or music.

Essentially, the KOR-fx is a way for the user to experience his or her medium better without turning up the volume. This way, the user has a better private entertainment experience without it disturbing others around them.

There are doubts whether acousto-haptic technology is safe for everyone, such as the pregnant or elderly, but something tells me that this is not the target audience. It’s probably for the youthful who care about getting the most from their entertainment.

I see the KOR-fx as the future of fully immersible cinema. I wouldn’t mind putting on this device along with a pair of headphones to really get into what I’m watching in the theater, or at home.

Immerz plans to manufacture the KOR-fx in China and Taiwan for about $250-300.


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