Cyber Technology’s Hovering Drone UAV

091217-drone-02What you see here is a little kit of the Cyber Quad vertical take-off drone from an Australian company called Cyber Technology.

As you can see, the main flying unit has four ducted fans that provide plenty of lift to keep this Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It can keep hovering, and even film things while in the air. Yeah, I’m sure you probably saw that tiny camera on the front and figured out exactly what this thing is designed to do.

The company tried it out on a damaged oil platform, and it used a scanner to detect chemical leaks. In fact, it can “perch and stare” for hours on end. I wonder how still the footage is.

I’m guessing that the controls there are like those of a remote control toy helicopter, and those glasses are designed to be a viewer with a virtual sight. It looks like there is some sort of portable hand-held viewer all the way on the left side.

Something tells me that this kit will only be available to businesses and industries, but how is it that this company does not see the obvious recreational potential? Sadly, I can see the potential for voyeurs. You don’t want to be dressing and see this hovering at the window.


2 thoughts on “Cyber Technology’s Hovering Drone UAV”

  1. This is neat. You should put a video up of it in action. Looks like a piece of heavy equipment. I couldn’t imagine seeing a lot of these things flying around town.

  2. wow thats techy! but by looking at it i feel that the presence of multiple rotors and camera will cause battery life to be very short!
    it might have to be recharged more often then the other similar planes

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