25MPH Remote Controlled Motorcycle


remote-motorcycleRemote control cars and robots have long been the rage, but somehow or rather motorcycles of the same nature were hard to come by simply because the market (read: parents) wasn’t really prepared to have these zip around the homes in a non-chalant manner, tripping everyone up and scaring the pets in the process. Well, times have certainly changed, and with the advancement in technology, we now have the 25MPH Remote Controlled Motorcycle.

This is the remote controlled Grand Prix-styled motorcycle that can reach a top speed of 25 MPH. The triple-channel pistol grip transmitter that provides throttle, steering, and braking control up to 300′ away. You can tune the front wheel’s rake angle for easier or more aggressive turning as your handling skills improve. Functioning front and rear oil-filled shock absorbers cushion the natural rubber tires over bumps and helps carve smoothly through tight turns. A four-hour charge of its NiMH battery using the included adapter provides 18 minutes of racing time. Remote requires eight AA batteries.

Frankly, we think it is pretty silly to wait for four hours to juice up before getting a mere 18 minutes (!) of track time. Still, if you’re adamant on picking this up for Christmas, it is going for $249.95 from Hammacher.

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