New version of the LG RoboKing

lg-robokingLook out Roomba, you might have yourself some serious competition with the new version of the LG RoboKing. Is it bigger than you, or is the model (the pretty one on the right) smaller?

Looks like you’re going to have to take on iRobot’s best seller in a titanic Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed fight. I can tell you that the RoboKing is much quieter than its predecessor. The former version was 63db, while this one is 50db.

It also has two cameras, which they say is an industrial first. I believe that the two cameras give the RoboKing a serious advantage over a robot vacuum with just one. These two cameras allow the RoboKing to better analyze its environment, so it knows exactly where to clean.

The RoboKing is also claimed to have a 30 percent speed increase. This has nothing to do with its size, so I’m told. It is actually smaller in the height category, by the way. This version is 90mm tall while the former version is 130mm.

So far, I don’t have any word of a price or availability date as yet. Maybe they will announce that at CES 2010. I hope they have this on display at CES, because I want to see how fast it can suck up dust. Perhaps LG will use it to clean up the floors after the big show.