VTech announces two-line phone with DECT 6.0 technology



Do you still deal with a landline back at home, or have you moved on to the wireless lifestyle with nothing but cellphones in your home to receive calls from other people? VTech is certainly an old hand where landline phones are concerned, and they have now announced their first two-line phone with DECT 6.0 technology for homes across America. The DS6151 is touted to be the most affordable system of its kind at just $79.95, where it will be ideal for small and growing businesses as well as busy households. Learn more about the VTech DS6151 in the extended post.

Based on DECT 6.0 technology, the feature-rich and expandable VTech DS6151 will boast superior sound quality, range and interference-free calls. Despite being a two-line system, it has been strategically priced at nearly half the cost of similarly-featured phones. For folks who sadly are still stuck with a dial up Internet service, at least the DS6151 is able to cater to that while offering a separate line for other family members to use. Receiving and making calls are not the only things that the DS6151 is good at – it also doubles up as a digital answering machine with a dedicated mailbox for each line. With that in mind, you need not fret that you might just miss that all important business call whenever you are not around at home.

The DS6151 is also expandable, where you have the option to expand up to 12 handsets using a single phone jack. Needless to say, the DS6301 accessory handset will be sold separately for $29.95, so unless you own a really big home, we’re guessing you’ll need at most a couple of DS6301s. Other features include a base speakerphone for those important family meetings, while one can also transfer and conference between handsets. A large LCD display with blue backlighting makes it easier to read the caller ID when it kicks in.

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