R2-D2 statue comes with its own set of tools

by Mark R

ultimate-r2-d2-statueOnce again, I find myself reporting on a other piece of Star Wars merchandise. Last time, it was the Millennium Falcon bed, and now it is this Ultimate R2-D2 statue.

The statue is a 1:6 model of everyone’s favorite astromech droid, and it is hand-painted and stamped with a “limited edition” label. According to the editor of Entertainment Earth, the site where you can order this statue, it has “insane detail”.

Also included is special tools including a mechanical gripper, periscope scanner, tiny buzzsaw, and five others. I find it odd that none of my sources say what the five other tools are, but I’m guessing that none of these tools would actually be working. After all, if the model is 1:6 to scale, then surely the tools must not be the right size for human hands.

Still, this leads me to a very pleasant thought. Is there any way that we could make this like the remote controlled R2D2 sort of like the projector from Nikko. Make this remote-control Artoo life-sized, and then put compartments in it for tools.

That way, if you need a tool, just program Artoo to get it for you. Better yet, make a control so the tool will just come out and do the job for you. This is why someone needs to build a real R2-D2. Surely we have the technology now.


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