Sugru turns you into a hack, and that’s a good thing

by Mark R

I can’t help but think that this YouTube video is a very low-budget way of promoting Sugru, but I also can’t help but agree with the spokeswoman’s philosophy.

Granted, I question the way she defines the word “hacking”. For some reason, I normally use that word to define when someone does something cool on a computer. That, or destroying an object with a sharp tool, such as an axe. The way she uses the word “hacking” makes it synonymous with “inventing”.

Be that the case, then perhaps we do need to “hack” more. I agree with her assumption that we all want to “hack”, but we just lose interest after time. I suppose we just wait for Apple to give us an MP3 Player/camera instead of just seeing the need and filling it ourselves.

Anyway, Sugru is a product that has the consistency of Play-Dough when it arrives. The user can then use it as a sort of non-sticky glue in order to blend or “hack” things together. It takes 24 hours to harden up, and from there it will bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, and plastics.

All in all, it sounds like something that “should be seen on TV”. At this writing, it is sold out, but is only available at this site, apparently.


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MySugruHacks Says: September 2, 2010 at 3:18 pm

See what others are doing with Sugru on you can also upload your hacks for the world to see.

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