The Snoopy Mini Fridge


Making the choice to buy a mini fridge is never as cheap as you had hoped.  However, you get a plain white version and you can usually cut the costs.  It’s not always about the cost though, sometimes you need a novelty mini fridge.  In which case the price doesn’t matter quite so much.  For those of you that are Snoopy fanatics, now you can own an itty bitty Snoopy themed fridge.

This fridge is very miniature due to the rounded shape.  Despite that it is so tiny, it is actually pretty cute.  It’d be enough to store a few drinks and a smaller sized lunch.  It only comes in light blue and it’s not actually out just yet.  There’s no word on when it will be released, but thankfully you can actually pre-order the fridge.  If you’d like to pick one up it’ll cost you $299.99 from Dream Kitty.

Source: ChipChick