New LG Chocolate Touch

LG Chocolate Touch

The LG Chocolate Touch (Verizon Wireless) is a sleek and stylish piece of kit, especially with its fabulous sound quality for music playback and recording. One fun feature is the ability to ‘join the band’ when playing your favourite tunes! So, if you fancy drumming along or hitting the ivories to show your own musical talents – you can. You can also set the phone up to vibrate rhythmically to whatever’s playing. When recording your own sounds to the phone, it’s a simple three touch operation – go to the media centre and choose ‘my sounds’ from the ‘music and tones’ file – then just touch the record button and away you go. Alternatively, you can download music either from signing up to V Cast Music with Rhapsody (free download from, giving you the ability to download or purchase music and, by using the USB connection, you can drag and drop from your PC. A minor downside is that V Cast Music with Rhapsody isn’t Mac or Linux compatible – only available for Windows Vista, XP or 2000.

Navigation of the applications is, as you’d expect, pretty neat and simple, with the ability to drag and drop to your home page those you’re always using. It’s touch screen capabilities are pretty good and very responsive – you don’t have to hit the screen several times for it to recognise your prodding. It’s lightweight but feels quite robust and, with it’s choice of covers (black or purple), you can adapt it to your mood – well, if you only have two moods that is!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to access network as not covered in the UK, so can’t comment on download speeds or some of the other functions and applications available on the phone. Also, because its wireless, I was scratching my head for a little while trying to work out where the sim card goes – d’oh!