Color changing leather shoes


color-changing-shoesShoes can be a very sensitive subject for women, but most men couldn’t care less what they slip on their feet to walk around unless it is a really major event in life like one’s own wedding. Well, if you’re the fickle minded and don’t mind purchasing the same pair of shoes in different colors, this latest invention by the Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute of Taiwan ought to be the perfect solution – it is capable of changing its color, all without having to go out and purchase your very own pair. This is made possible by spraying the leather with micro capsules containing luminous particles and resin, which will change to pink, orange or purple half a minute coming into contact with sunlight. You can opt for the entire shoe to be coated with this, or just part of it. The color changing option is good for up to 60 hours, which could very well mean the last color change at 60 hours could be the final one you have to settle for.

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