Night Vision Digital Video Camera

by Ally


You shouldn’t be stuck just pestering your friends with a video camera during the day.  No, you need the ability to make them crazy once the lights go out as well.  With this night vision camera you’ll never have to stop chasing someone with a camera.  Plus, should you need night vision just in case of a zombie takeover, you could always tape this to your weapon later on to keep track of those pesky zombies.

This camera can be flipped to the infrared illumination at night and allows for you to see up to 40 feet away in the dead of night.  Then you can flip it to daytime mode during the day.  The camera comes with a 2GB memory card.  That card will allow for you to store up to 2 hours of night vision footage.  It also comes with the usual things like a guide, a TV Out cable, a NightVision software CD, and a USB cable.  You can purchase the camera for $99.99 through Think Geek.

Source: RGS

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