Lucet Lamps keep your lighting eco-friendly

by Ally


Solar gadgets are pretty much a dime a dozen anymore.  They’re still great for the environment, but they’re not quite as rare and unique as they used to be.  Of course, there are still a few designers striving to make solar energy more stylish and functional for the general public.  These Lucet Lamps are one of those things.  Sure, they offer lighting from a strange angle, but since they’re always in the window, they’re incredibly low maintenance.

These come from an industrial designer, Rui Palma.  The small lamps have 3 different lights on each one.  You could stick one on your window by itself, or stick them in a small cluster.  The small lights absorb energy all day long and store that energy on the 2 AAA batteries.  Then at night they give off a strong white glow.  Right now this is still trapped in the concept mode, so only time will tell if this actually becomes a product.

Source: ForeverGeek

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