ELAC Art Edition FS 247 Speakers let you choose the look

by Ally


Your tastes tend to change over time.  Where you were a fanatic of very geometric art at one period in your life, you may later find that you’re into subtle elegant designs later.  Which is why I’m such a big fan of gadgets that allow for you to change the look of them as you change.  This set of ELAC Art Edition Speakers do exactly that with the use of tattoos.

The designs come in floral, geometric and even a tiger look.  The tattoos will not only make the speakers look great, but they protect them from water and scratches as well.  Then when you’re tired of the design they’re easily removed.  Of course while looking good the FS 247 loudspeakers also have great sound to go with their look.  The two factors combined make it so that these speakers aren’t exactly the cheapest out there.  The pricing begins at around $1500.

Source: ChipChick

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