Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs


fusion-tongsDo you spend plenty of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious morsels for yourself and the family? Chances are the rite of passage to being a good chef often involves getting burned in the process, and we’re talking about physically as well as the food. With the Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs, things might change for the better, and if you use it from the outset of your cooking ‘career’, you might not even experience the feeling of being scalded throughout your life!

These tongs fit on your hands like a puppet, letting your digits control the opening-and-closing of the silicon mitts. Reach right into the pan, and pull out the bacon, or burgers, or broccoli if that’s how you roll. These Silicon Finger Tongs resist heat up to 500 degrees, so don’t worry about disfiguring burns.

The Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs is dishwasher safe and can resist heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, going for $17.99 on ThinkGeek.

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