The Jelfin Gel-Covered Mouse

by Ally


The computer mouse always seems to be finding itself in new and odd shapes.  If just having a brightly decorated one isn’t quite enough of a change for you, these go for a whole different shape.  It’d be great for anyone that can never seem to get comfortable with a normal mouse.  This one goes for more of a ball shape and even comes in a handful of cheery colors for you to choose from.

The mouse is made with your comfort in mind.  It’s actually covered with a nice gel cushion to make things even more comfortable.  It’s a bit like a stress ball, except that it performs all of the normal functions your average mouse would.  Amazon currently only carries these in 3 different colors, but it is created in more colors than that.  You can purchase it in Crimson Red, Cadmium Yellow and Electric Green all on Amazon.  It’s currently up for sale for $34.95.

Source: Gearlog

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