Augmented Reality is now in vending machines

ar-interactiveThere’s just something about augmented reality that makes me want to report on it every time I see a new development.

This next step in augmented reality is a unique development from Toppan Printing Co Ltd for vending machines. It is being used in three Japanese supermarkets, and it requires the consumer to have a specific QR code in order to receive a free sample.

I’m sure that you have seen QR codes on other augmented reality apps such as the cover of Esquire’s December issue, for example. The customer can print out the Toppan QR codes from home, or can put it on a screen of their mobile device. From there, they can show it to the Toppan brand vending machine, and they will receive a free product sample. Find out after the jump what happens from there.

Yes, the augmented reality fun doesn’t stop there as the consumer can hold up the actual product to the augmented reality-fitted camera and get a really cool effect. I’m not certain what kind of effect is seen, but you might want to check out this new Coke Zero ad campaign to give you an idea of what’s up.

Toppan seems to be on to something good, all right. I suppose that it is too much to ask for this augmented reality to go worldwide.