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Are you busy with your holiday shopping that you have run out of gift ideas? Apart from checking out our Gadget Gift Ideas alongside numerous other posts that offer handy yet affordable suggestions, how about considering something which would definitely make an impact during an emergency? We’re talking about the 911 Medical ID card which could literally save the recipient’s life. This new medical ID card will offer the security of personal medical information that can be toted around in a similar manner to that of a credit card, making it the ideal present for travelers, seniors, caregivers, parents, students, the chronically ill, and many others. More on how the 911 Medical ID card works in the extended post.

Touch wood that you will never get involved in an accident, but if you do, then the 911 Medical ID card will definitely come in handy. How so, you ask? Well, assuming you suffer from a severe allergic reaction or have previously been impaired due to a medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack or seizure, you won’t be able to relay that information yourself to emergency medical personnel who attend to you. With the 911 Medical ID card, first responders, emergency room doctors, or other medical personnel will be able to access that information by plugging it into a computer via USB. Yup, you read that right – despite measuring a mere 2mm thin, the 911 Medical ID card which can fit into your wallet like a credit card can transfer important medical information to another computer so that the right diagnosis can be made. This will certainly go a long way in reducing misdiagnoses while saving valuable time and perhaps even reduce the cost of medical care as the healthcare industry moves more toward electronic records.

Not only that, this is an uber affordable Christmas gift with a heart, especially when it retails for a mere $39.99.

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Chandra.Reddy Says: October 14, 2011 at 9:29 am

911 Medical ID cards provide a means to an end: using technology to save time, effort, resources, and, most importantly, lives. There are clearly demonstrable returns on investment gained by leveraging 911 card technology. The results are measurable and meaningful, and 911card address problems that have so far been insoluble. But make no mistake: it is not the technology that is important, it is the result.

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