Star Trek TWOK Phaser


twok-phaserKnow of any Trekkies in your midst among your circle of family and friends? Just in case you are left scratching your head once again on the type of present to purchase this coming holiday season, let us help you with your gift selection – this time round with the help of ThinkGeek as they bring you the Star Trek TWOK Phaser.

Featured in the movie The Wrath of Khan (TWOK, for short), the Star Trek TWOK Phaser has a removable Type I integrated into its design, you just never knew it from watching the movies. The two pieces latch together with magnets and the Type I is fully functional when removed. And boy is this phaser functional. It has four phaser settings (each with its own light and sound effects), an overload setting, and actually has a safety (it won’t fire until you properly select a phaser setting). Once you get a Star Trek TWOK Phaser, you’ll instantly feel ready to take on your genetically advanced arch enemy, Ceti eels, and the death of your best friend (all the while knowing he’ll return in the sequel).

This is where your imagination can enter into overdrive mode, where you can also take advantage of a range of fun explosion sounds as well as docking effects for added realism. Bring out the inner child of the recipient with the $29.99 Star Trek TWOK Phaser.

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